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Master Scott Matheny

About LifeSKILLZ Martial Arts in North Wilkesboro, NC

Meet Master Scott Matheny

Owner and Chief Instructor at
LifeSKILLZ Martial Arts in North Wilkesboro
6th Degree

Who We Are

Since 1991, Master Scott Matheny has been helping men, women and children develop the focus, confidence and self-discipline necessary to meet all of life's challenges.

“As a parent you are always looking for ways to grow your children and make them all they can be. As a Christian father, that's my job and I must say that Scott Matheny and LifeSKILLZ Martial Arts are helping to teach my son great life lessons and skills through Karate. Andrew is pumped each and every time he goes to karate and his confidence and skills are growing each week. Thanks Scott Matheny!” Kevin Brown, Pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

“I have been very impressed with Master Matheny's teaching style. He balances encouragement and enthusiasm with discipline and expecting the most from his students. My son has really enjoyed his lessons and it has helped with his concentration at school as well as boosting his self-esteem.” Dr. Julie Koch, Wilkes Pediatric Clinic

“Since starting Parkour Clate is so much more athletic. They did a fitness task in Boyscouts where they retested their skills 4 weeks later to check for improvement. With only 3 weeks of parkour classes Clate improved his long jump by 2 feet, cut his running time in half on the quarter mile as well as increased the number of push-ups he could do by almost 50%. I am so proud of him for getting more fit. Thank you Master Scott!!” GiGi Eller, mother of Clate (age 11)

“LifeSKILLZ Martial Arts is a truly amazing organization with amazing instructors that teach self-defense as well as self discipline and teaches you to relate your own life with the art itself and helps you make the right decisions in life.” Jared Bryan (age 19)

“I used to train here with Master Scott and hope to again one day. This organization was top of the line in professionalism. I learned a great deal of skill along with self-discipline. I miss this place greatly along with everybody in it. Best Martial Arts school around! If you are wondering where to attend or take your children, is the place to go!” Nathan Bryan (age 22)

“It's a home. Honestly. Love that place and all the people inside it with all my heart.” Dallas Wyatt (age 17)

“My daughter loves it!!! And we love it for her, and the difference it has made. We plan on staying here for many years to come!” Amanda Mulcahy, mother of Kaylee (age 9)

“It has been AMAZING for Michael. Would recommend it to anyone!!” Robin Eldreth Barnes, mother of Michael (6)

“This class has been wonderful for Ethan, he loves it!! Thank you for doing this class!” Jennifer Royal Garland, mother of Ethan (13)

“Warm, friendly, and family oriented” Marc, father of Aubrey (6)

“The patience and precision of the instructors are of the highest quality. The facility is always above par for the classes. My grand kids have changed so much in a short time. Their attention and behavior have become so much better here and at home. I really appreciate the Christian atmosphere and time spent preparing the lesson for individual students.” John, Grandfather of Corban (8) and Branton (5)

“LifeSKILLZ Martial Arts and Master Scott are a great source of teaching each child how to focus and balance their energy. The staff and all the instructors are wonderful and really help the kids defend themselves in their lives and how to handle bad situations in the best way. We have really enjoyed seeing our child grow within this program.” Melissa, mother of Addy (7)

“Thank you Master Scott Matheny for the outstanding learning experience you and your LifeSKILLZ Martial Arts school has given to my son. With positive teaching and in a controlled manner the class is led by Chief Instructor Master Scott Matheny. He has created an inviting environment for my son to experience success in the martial arts. Master Matheny, through his rapport with the students, his experience in the martial arts and teaching of the martial arts, builds not only the skill level of students but also their personal confidence and self-esteem. He has earned the respect of my son and my son is excited about learning the discipline of the martial arts. I have also seen the influence his instruction has had on students that attend our school” Joey Ortiz, Principal, Wilkes County School

Whether you are an experienced martial artist or have never taken a class before, LifeSKILLZ Martial Arts has a program to fit your needs. Men, women and children of all ages and professions benefit from our group and private programs.

Who is Scott Matheny?
Written by Renee Matheny, Wife and Student

Scott Matheny is an amazing dad and husband, and a passionate, dedicated martial arts instructor. He has a gift for working with children. Parents constantly tell me how much their children have gained under his instruction, and how much they love his classes. Teenagers and adults tell me how the confidence and energy they have gained from their training spills over into every area of their lives.

Master Matheny was tested for and earned his Yodan 4th Degree Black Belt in the Head Abbott, Grandmaster Shi Yongxin's chamber at the Shaolin Temple – the birthplace of the martial arts - among the Songshan Mountains of Henan Province, China, under Professor Charles Mattera, 10th Degree Black Belt and Founder of United Studios of Self Defense, and Grandmaster Steve DeMasco, 10th Degree Black Belt and Founder of Steve DeMasco's Shaolin Studios. He has taught police officers, Private Security, and Marines, including the Hand-to-Hand Combat Expert of the El Toro Marine Base in California. Master Matheny has since went on to earn his 5th & 6th degree black belt.

He has been a full-time martial arts instructor for over 24 years, the last 6 years in North Wilkesboro. In 1991, he opened his first studio in Irvine, California. Under his leadership, it grew to be close to 400 students. His students consistently won top place in National Championship Tournaments, and displayed exemplary sportsmanship. Teachers, doctors, counselors and psychologists often referred students to him because of the notable effect his martial arts training program had on children, including many gifted children, as well as those with attention disorders and autism.

He taught in the Instructors' Academy of United Studios of Self-Defense, a company of over 200 studios. He is on the Board of Directors of On Mission Martial Arts, a Christian Martial Arts organization. Master Matheny's studio was well-known for excellence, but more than that, for its friendly, “ego-free”, family-oriented atmosphere. In fact, we all called it our “karate family”.

When it came time for us to start our new family, Master Matheny made the hard decision to leave California, sell the house, and hand over the studio. It is now run by two of his first students. We headed out across the country in our motor home, in quest of the right place to raise our family. We found Wilkes County. We felt welcomed by the friendly people here and awed by the beauty, and we knew this was the place to lay down roots. Now, we live in North Wilkesboro with our four boys, and go to Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. We feel blessed to be a part of this community, and look forward to serving the residents of Wilkes for many years to come.

Why Martial Arts?

Adults, teens and children are attracted to martial arts because it's good exercise, it teaches self-defense skills and it's FUN!

At , we know everyone learns best when they're having fun. Training should relieve stress, not create it: so we work to maintain a pleasant, positive atmosphere in our classes and always mix a good dose of fun in with the learning.

The exercise provided by martial arts training can improve health and fitness by developing stamina, strength, flexibility and agility. That is, if you train smart. All exercise involves some risk of injury, but we believe needless injuries can be avoided simply by recognizing that each individual has limits that he or she should not be forced past.

As for self-defense, the primary martial art taught here, Shaolin Kempo, combines ancient martial arts with modern street fighting methods into one of the most respected and complete self-defense systems yet devised.

Beyond fun, exercise and self-defense, martial arts training is legendary for its potential to transform individuals. Because martial arts were developed for battle, the importance of the connection between mind, body and spirit has always been recognized. As a matter of life and death, traditional martial arts developed the mental capabilities and character as well as the bodies of its practitioners.

It's About Character!

This brings us to a major reason parents enroll their children in martial arts, to build character. At LifeSKILLZ Martial Arts, we believe good character is at least as important as physical proficiency. Just as no ethical person would hand a dangerous weapon to a perfect stranger, we consider it immoral to teach a martial art to anyone without simultaneously training them to control their anger, treat others with compassion and respect and stand up for what is right.

Our Facility

The moment you step through our doors, the friendly, enthusiastic, and welcoming atmosphere is evident. Family members and visitors are encouraged watch classes in any of our three tanning areas. The Student Lounge is equipped with a bistro table and a 65“ LCD TV, as well as a selection of parenting books and DVDs.

Safety First

Students train on brand-new Swain mats, the first true mat developed for the martial arts industry and the official martial arts mat of the Olympic Games. Not only is this the highest performance flooring system available for competitors, parents take comfort in knowing their children are training on a forgiving floor.

Students train on state-of-the-art specialty equipment including heavy bags, punching bags, kicking shields and gymnastic mats. 7-foot high mirrors enhance learning during class, clinic and personal practice times.

We have recently double our training area for a grand total of 6000 Sq ft. This includes three state of the art training floor, training floor one and two are for scheduled classes and floor three is set aside for practicing and may be used from 3:30 to 8:30 Monday through Friday.

The Pro Shop offers a full range martial arts equipment, including Training Bags, Sparring Gear, Targets and Shields, Martial Arts Weapons, DVDs, T-Shirts, Accessories, Gifts, and more, and provides special order service for merchandise not currently in stock.

How To Get Started

Come join our North Wilkesboro, NC Martial Arts facility! We offer programs in Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, Parkour Martial Arts and Birthday Parties. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at 336-838-8700 if you have any further questions. LifeSKILLZ Martial Arts hopes to speak with you soon!

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